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Project Runway Flops Apartment Design

High Quality Apartment Design
The fourth season of Bravo's reality show "Project Runway" is underway. While fashionistas tune in to peep the newest runway trends we at PC are more interested in the contestant's digs.
Contestants on this season's show were treated to new apartments in NYC's luxury New Gotham.  The building has all the amenities any aspiring designer dreams of getting used to: 24-hour personalized concierge service, a full gym, basketball court.
The decor on the other hand, which in each of the six apartments provided was done by Bravo, looks like something most adults have already outgrown. Production designer Katie Abiad says they were going for minimalistic, which sans stripes and stencils they may have achieved. The overall look though lacks the sophistication of well-done minimalism. Instead of a few carefully chosen pieces of impeccable quality, we get the look of a budget one day makeover on HGTV.
The building's great, but to this design we say, "auf Wiedersehen."
We've got a design idea for Bravo: maybe next time let the cast of "Top Design" in on this project. At the very least they'll come up with something more inspired than beige.
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