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Decorating a Bedroom

A Feng Shui Bedroom - For Harmony in Partnerships

Feng Shui Bedrooms – Decorate with Pairs

Decorating a Feng Shui bedroom is more than picking out bedroom furniture and some colors for the curtains. Feng Shui bedrooms decorated with the principles of Feng Shui in mind begin with a clear intention of the owner. Bedrooms are generally for sleeping and intimacy. Romance and partnership are a big part of this as well. So, what is the goal? Is finding a partner on the list of priorities? Is more romance important? Decorating a bedroom with Feng Shui eyes can help either goal. The first thing to do is to take an objective look at the bedroom. How does the room feel? Is there equality in all things in the bedroom? There should be two of everything in the bedroom as this promotes a pair. This includes hearts, candles, photos, statuary, end tables etc. There should be two pillows on the bed, and if the bedroom furniture is only for a single bed, place at least a double bed in the room. All artwork should include couples, and not a lone figure of a woman or man.

decorating a bedroom
The bed sheets should be clean as if a visitor is expected. Is the bedroom decorated with just your taste in mind? Having lace and flowers everywhere does make a man happy and does not call in the energy of a man. My bedroom is decorated in plaids, solid colors of greens and blues, and a lovely leaf print. I’m satisfied with the way the bedroom is decorated and so is my husband. Don’t forget about what is or isn’t underneath the bed. Energy must flow around the bed so remove all the stuff underneath. Keep all work related material, computers and exercise equipment out of the bedroom. Work and working out should be kept in the office and in the home gym and not in the bedroom. In general, the colors of the bedroom could be pink, red or shades of pink as this is the color of the relationship area of the bagua. This may not be the greatest for the guys, but darker maroons and mauves may be appropriate. Incorporate round or oval shapes in to the bedroom. Sharp angles do not promote harmony.
Sleep is the next important thing in a bedroom, so be careful what is placed around the head of the bed. Lots of books on a bed headboard bookshelf can confuse and clutter the mind at night. Televisions should be out of the bedroom or at least covered for sleep. The big eye staring at you does not promote a good night sleep. It is a good idea to include wooden beds in the bedroom as metal can conduct electricity. A bedroom with Feng Shui principles includes lighting that isn’t too dim or too bright. Avoid large mirrors in the bedroom as this could startle people in the middle of the night. Place the bed headboard against a solid wall and not in front of windows for more support. Face the bed so anyone entering the bedroom can easily be seen. Decorate the bedroom of your home to reflect the style of the people that occupy it. A healthy relationship can grow everyday and Feng Shui can assist in that growth.
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