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As a sole practitioner, Dean is intimately involved in all aspects of a new house or addition project. He completes the programming, performs all design work, drafts the documents used for construction, handles the bidding process and physically inspects the construction site to check progress.Inovation is the key to good design. On countless occasions Dean has excelled in using innovative design approaches to meet client's requirements. A few include:
  • Concealed natural light sources 
  • Children's rooms with secret spaces & passages 
  • Tower and sunken shower configurations 
  • Unique stairwell shapes 
  • Built-in work and storage spaces 
  • Wheelchair accessible environments 
  • Functional kitchens without wall cabinets 
  • Dramatic lighting layouts 
  • Geometric shaped decks and outdoor spaces

House Design
Construction observation is also a very important piece of a successful project. Dean explains... "building is a very complex endeavor. It requires excellent coordination between the trades and installation of a myriad number of elements and materials. As an observer, I'm able to ascertain if the contractor is following the plans and building in a quality, productive manner. I also assist the contractor in answering questions and addressing upcoming work issues."

Dean also adds... "construction site visits sometimes yield surprise problems and as a result you can take remedial action before the work proceeds any further." To site a few examples: 
  • Insulation installed backwards (will lead to mold growth) 
  • Plumbing drain lines running up hill (pipes will constantly clog) 
  • Floor joists badly cut to accommodate duct work (will lead to structural problems)
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