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Minimalistic Swedish Interior Designs by Åsberg Interiör & Styling

The Swedish Interior Designs are heavily influenced by the light and weather of Scandinavia, because long dreary winters with early dusk and a lack of natural light necessitated rethinking the structure of the interior design. Anything dark, gloomy, and heavy was out while anything pale, light, airy, and minimal was in. Pale walls ( especially white ones ), floors, and furnishings reflected whatever light was available, thus cheering and lightening even the darkest days of winter. Accessories are kept simple and displayed in an uncluttered manner, that offers a fresh and clean look. Swedish style interiors are becoming more and more popular. It’s a look that combines refined elegance with a casual aged appearance that seems to have universal appeal. These beautiful minimalistic interior design pictures are from Åsberg Interiör & Styling ( of course a Swedish website ).

small modern kitchen design

 Interior Design Photography by Rachael Smith

Usually, the visual factor gets me when a piece of furniture is beautiful, but I always thought of the photographer that brings in those stunning images. Who are those people behind the modern or classy interiors we see each day? One of them is Rachael Smith – a London-based freelance photographer specializing in interiors, still life and portraits. I’ve just looked over her pictures and I’m amazed how she manages to come out with the best views and how she puts forward the best in them. Check out the Swedish summerhouse, Eero Aarnio’s home, the South London Home, the Ladbroke Grove home or the Bedo Sperlein, and tell me if that isn’t great inspiration! Don’t forget to check her website out.

rachel smith interior design photography

Modern Interior Design by Reese-Roberts

Everybody knows that the true meaning of good interior design is to work out your small gap within a strict budget in a creative way. And a great example is this residence by Steven Harris and Lucien Rees-Roberts. The guys worked with a 4,000 sqm building and succeed to bring about a contemporary styled interior. Throwing subtle colors and layered textures, the folks over at Reese Roberts Solicitors (they’re specialists property practice in Liverpool) have combined a classic and richly texture approach, with the right amount of lighting in every room. Looks charming! – via

Modern Interior Design by Reese Roberts

Inspirational Interior Design of the Day : Swing

In the inspirational interior design of today everything looks so white and clean about this room, and the swing is something really unusual, but cool. What do you think about this idea ? Picture found on Emmas.

interior design swing

Interior Design Patterns from Hand

Hand is a French designer firm that has unleashed a set of contemporary interior designs. The collection is a mix of modern and mid-century shades, patterns and designs to create an ambient interior. Designed by Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stéphane Garotin, the use of both pastel and vivacious colors as a combination along with print patterns, simple and elegant furniture and warm lighting, bring in a “very homely” feel to the design. Unique lamp shades, snug-looking rugs, a blend of various types of chairs and plenty of accessories, give the rooms a unique and trademark look. – via
interior design patterns from hand
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