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Restaurant Kitchen Design

Pizza Station
If pizza plays a prominent role on your menu than a pizza station is a good idea. A combo reach-in cooler with prep area is a good choice for a pizza station. And of course you will need an oven for cooking. You can invest in a specialty pizza oven or use the ovens in your gas range. Again, if you plan on serving a lot of pizza having a large oven that can cook several pies at once is your best bet. Besides an oven, a well stocked pizza station should have pizza screens for cooking and serving, a pizza paddle, pizza cutter and sheets of wax paper.

Other Kitchen Stations
Restaurants with enough space may have a salad station and/ or a dessert station. Or these might be incorporated into the wait station. A well stocked salad station includes a cooler for lettuce, vegetables, salad dressing and plates. A dessert station needs to have cooler for deserts and space for plates, desert forks and an area to assemble desserts.

The Kitchen Line 
Last, buy certainly not lease is the kitchen line. The line is the area where the servers pick up their food. Sometimes “the line” refers to the line of stations in a kitchen. The line is often manned by the expeditor- the person who sends the dishes to the dining room looking great. The line should have garnish, plates, a spindle for order tickets and heating lamps, to keep waiting food hot.

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