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Decorating the Kitchen

The thought that goes into decorating the kitchen is much like the same process for a living room, bedroom, and the rest of the house. You have more options when it comes to decorating the kitchen, though, because you have to consider your floor tile, cabinets, window treatments, counter tops, and the rest of the items in your kitchen such as your fridge and stove.

When thinking of decorating a kitchen, you may wish to get ideas from the Internet, friends' homes, and perhaps track homes. What really brings your home alive is filling it with items that express your uniqueness. You home is your haven. It's the one place that's truly yours to get away from it all. Why not celebrate your house as if you were on a vacation in an exotic place? Taking small steps can accomplish the same feel in your house.

With decorating the kitchen, go with the colors that bring you alive. Kitchen colors should reflect your innermost being. This is the place you cook your meals, where you let your creativity flow, and where everyone mingles. Making it you will help make this your most favorite part of the house. Reds add flair; blues bring tranquility; greens reveal freshness and playfulness. What color best suits you? What color will encourage your creativity in cooking?

In addition, the color you choose for decorating a kitchen can vary somewhat from the rest of your home, but they should not be a stark contrast to the rest of the home. Mustard yellow enhances chili red and although the two are different, they are both warm colors and enhance one another. In choosing colors, if you wish to go with a different color in your kitchen than the rest of the house, make sure it compliments the rooms it is around.

Choose a theme when decorating the kitchen. Do you like the feel of a coffee shop? Then you can paint one wall with a type of paint that turns the wall into a chalkboard. Write the "today's special" on the board, i.e. what's for dinner that night. Or perhaps you want your kitchen to resemble a French countryside. Hang fake grape vines along the edging of the ceiling. Feature wine cups hung underneath cabinets. Instead of tile, use actual cobblestone like flooring. Use a French streetlight designed sconce. There are so many unique ways to decorate your kitchen according to themes. It makes you feel as if you're far away on a vacation and it will be truly unique to your taste.

Don't be afraid to explore. Some people are not visual and have a hard time perceiving what the outcome will look like. What you can do is to create a small scale of your kitchen by drawing it out on paper. Use different colors together on the page to see which colors compliment each other. Drawings are also helpful for drawing in the shapes of furniture to gather whether everything would fit together. Look at other home designs with a similar theme of what you want to create to see what works best.

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