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Study Design in China

 3 Reasons Why You Should Embark Your Design Career in China (Beijing | Shanghai | GuangZhou) with Raffles Design Institutes!

1. The future is bright for Designers in China, one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
-     Position yourself for vast ocean of opportunities when you graduate in fields like Fashion, Graphic Design and Interior Design as more businesses are set up in China.
-     Build your network of friends & industry contacts as you spend your time studying here.
-     You can even build a contact list of suppliers for your future design career.
 2. Immerse yourself in the Chinese Culture & yet get to learn Design in English in an international setting.
-     Design programs are conducted English by experienced international lecturers.
-     Our team of international design lecturers have years of field experience from countries around the world. This qualifies them to impart valuable knowledge to you.
-     You can learn about China & Design in a language you are comfortable in.
 3. Raffles Design Institutes produce Award Winning Designers.
-     Raffles has been raising award winners for years around our colleges in Asia Pacific.
-     Our curriculum is designed to equip you with highly specialized design skills needed to become a professional designer.
-     Comprehensive design curriculum prepares you to win competitions too!

Studying in Guangzhou will give you the opportunity to appreciate Cantonese culture, whether you prefer traditional tea drinking or modern Canto Pop entertainment. It is one of the biggest cultural melting pots in China with many foreign investors setting up businesses in the area. Guangzhou is also part of a country with one of the world's biggest consumer markets. This gives graduates a vast ocean of opportunities as there will be many jobs open in fields like Fashion, Graphic Design and Interior Design.

 Beijing is China's capital. It is a city full of rich historical tales – dating back to the times when mainland Chinese prided themselves on being innovators of art, science and architecture. Study at Beijing Raffles and immerse yourself in the heart of modern and traditional cultures of China.

Shanghai, as the international center of economy, finance, trade, and shipping, has captured its position as one of world leading business cities, and is known as "Oriental Pearl". Modernized lifestyle, convenient public transportations, combination of history scenes and modern arts, overflowed shops and companies, skyscraper-filled skyline, and variety of entertainment options offer a unique multicultural experience for everyone.
*Only academic transcript is issued upon graduation. Students are highly encouraged to further their studies in Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Sydney.
Transform living space like a professional with Interior Design skills.
We offer easy-to-understand theory and technical classes that will transform you into a skilled designer. Conceptualize, visualize and fill up spaces with the most creative and practical solutions with these core modules: Building Technology and Construction, 3D Computer-Aided-Drawing, and Furniture History, Design and Application.
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