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There's a lot to love about the use of white for interior design. White is not only the absence of color. White created the image of elegance, brightness, and expansive. It also symbolizes purity, goodness and light becomes. White clearly far from boring, but it does involve a number of interior design techniques to fuse with modern contemporary look. Here are some hints on how to use white as part of your home decor without transmitting vibration hospital-like sterile.
First of all, although we seem to always think of white as one particular shade, the truth is that choosing the right color white is not so, well, black and white. There are actually many different tones of white and color that will match the white tone will be very different. For example, blue and white will look jarring on a red sofa. To enter the warmth of your interior design, choosing to whites who have a clue yellow, like ivory, beige and cream. Cool colors look best with bright white.
After white as a theme for your furniture is very trendy, as you can see from flipping through interior design magazines. White furniture against a white background will give you the sensation of an empty room is very modern contemporary, make the room look bigger than they really are.
White is also very versatile. Depending on how you Accessorise rest of your room, you can create the impression of a minimalist, romantic, classical or even dramatic. For example, black and white photograph will add a touch of timeless romance to space. Bring in a red bowl and watch how to attract attention and change the atmosphere of the overall interior design.
Go natural. By entering the wood, rattan or bamboo, you can take the edge from the starkness and create a beautiful natural look while still maintaining the overall effect is peaceful and bright modern white contemporary themes.
Play around with texture to add depth white paper. Aiming for a good contrast between smooth and glossy surface, and some furry, fluffy or soft texture. From the white lace curtains at the window, to fluffy white pillows on the couch and furry white carpet to rest your feet - not that kind of interior design that makes you feel like spending lazy weekends at home?
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