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Elegant and comfortable natural – modern interior design in Apartment

The designer of the interior of this apartment succeeded in serving the natural atmosphere in the modern package at the same time investigating the area of space that was limited with ornamental details that inspirited. The apartment was the choice of the residence that currently increasingly have an interest taken in it by community the person who has moved to the city. Apart from his location that was strategic in the middle of the city, this dwelling could be made the expression site of the famous designers at the same time to trend setter the design of the interior. The design of this dwelling started from the concept of the designer to create the natural atmosphere by means of that was more modern, in accordance with the executive’s young lifestyle that wanted the practical and comfortable dwelling.
The hindrance is, the area of the dwelling only 80 m2 with a bedroom and the main bathroom, the office and the room gathered (living the area) in the middle unit apartment. As the first step, the designer make an effort drafted layout that very was open (open the plan) so as to be created the spacious and light impression in the apartment.
His method was by tearing down the wall of the partition and the door to the previous office in place of him with the frosted glass field so as the office, the room of the family, areas ate and pantry was seen joined. That was unique was the wall and the door to the area of the entrance also was replaced took the form of the frosted glass field that continued with the window hole of the area pantry. This glasses field was decorated with the measuring sticker big have the shape of stick-twig the tree that showed the exploration and the designer’s creativity that could be made ought to become the inspiration in the use of the glasses material. His designer also paid attention to details that were neat in the meeting between glasses and the wall and the floor. In the following step, was applied by the color off white that was dominant in almost all the wall, the floor and the space ceiling afterwards the texture of the surface, the material kind and finishing that was used deliberate different so as not monotonous.
For example, the floor of the area ate and pantry was covered by the measuring ceramics big whereas the floor of the office and the room was of the family closed the carpet edge to edge texture soft. The office ceiling and the room of the family were also made take the form of the ceiling was suspended with the illumination indirectly in order to be seen was different from the area ceiling ate and Besides this benefit also the reflective effect from material the mirror by means of covering several wall fields to each kind of space in the apartment with the mirror without frameless. This was seen in the room of the family, the office, the main bedroom and the bathroom.
However the domination of glasses and the mirror this was matched by the other material application that was different to each room.
or example, the designer covered one wall of the area pantry with part of wood oak that was compiled vertically so as to put forward the warmth of the Wall in the main bedroom also was covered by wallpaper had a motive the measuring flower big whereas his floor was closed with parquet the color of young chocolate and the grey color carpet old.
The main bathroom also was covered by the mosaic of color glasses with the area of the limited apartment, the designer drafted furniture that was not big, have the shape of simple, tended the geometric and permanent box (built in) so as user space became more efficient.
This design approach was seen in built in bench in the room of the family and in the office that combination with the seat.
That was unique was built in bench to the office that was drafted joined with the decorative panel. This panel was made adhere to the wall and form the ceiling was suspended to the ceiling as well as focused on the wood panel that covered the wall pantry.
The seat and this decorative panel was equipped by the foam padded wall the color that the part foot him was covered by the mirror so as to give the impression flew. To stress the domination of the color off white in the room, the two built in bench also was covered by the color layer off white that Mixed with the motive accent of the black color flower to the seat ate. Several furniture from the glasses material and metal took part in equipping the room arrangement as being seen in coffee table in the room of the family as well as side table the bedroom. The domination of the color off white and this glasses material was matched by the use of solid wood with finishing to expose the warmth of his fiber. Room accessories were also chosen that had the theme the black color white as the seat pillow had a motive lines were combined with that had a motive flowers or that texture the hair.
Other accessories like the ceramic vase, the painting, the wood statue, a set of plate of glasses and his foundation (tableware) also was chosen that have the theme black white. The unique accent was light hanged the Cocoon model from Floss that had the shape of the chrysalis. On the whole, the design of this apartment succeeded in showing his class and accommodate the owner’s lifestyle.

Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior
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