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Luxury Interior Design Concept of Japanese houses

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Initially, Japanese houses didn’t have screens to separate rooms, they were just open rooms with little or no privacy. After people began distinguishing rooms with particular functions (eating, sleeping, cooking), the use of screens to partition and separate rooms became popular. These screens are unlike the ones used now in the Western world [...]

Interior design class

Interior design class

online interior design
Modern interior decorating schools
 Modern interior decorating schools Silvio De Ponte, one of the famous names in world architecture and interior design and decoraion presented in Hedozhestvenata Academy in Sofia, one of the most prestigious Italian school "Domus Academy" - Milan, where he has taught "Design and interior.

online interior design
Online interior design
The online interior design "Domus Academy" offers nine master's programs in Milan design accessories, cars, fashion, interior design and cultural management. And organize courses in design, fashion, business, management, architecture.
online interior design
Interior design education
Postgraduate interior design education studies are in English, but considered them in November and January. Applying it with a diploma, portfolio and CV. Those attending the presentation had the opportunity to see truly stunning architectural projects under the brand "Domus Academy".
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