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Bathroom Design Idea: Adding Visual Features

Modern style may look simpler than traditional style, but the best modern bathroom designs aren't about cutting out ornamentation. Instead, they're about making every element in a space functionally beautiful.This bath proves the point admirably with a carefully engineered array of delightful elements to be discovered. While not disturbing the purity of the room's mostly rectangular lines, the design offers visual enticements through different media.Mosaic tile, for example, plays a starring role by bringing in luscious yet soothing color plus texture. The tile floor in the round shower stall beguiles further with a stylized design that evokes windswept flowers in a sharp, abstract way.

The curved wall of green glass makes a fine focal point, reminding bathers of a waterfall.

 The curved wall of green glass makes a fine focal point, reminding bathers of a waterfall. 

A bathtub framed in stone gains added interest from a tall, curved wall section covered in green mosaic tiles and punctuated by a slender ribbon of inset etched glass. The band of glass has the witty effect of a cascading waterfall. It's another allusion to nature, and gives bathers something appealing to gaze at.
A tall, narrow mirror is enhanced by a frame of small green mosaic tiles that relate to other strong vertical rectangles in the room's design. A vanity cabinet of precisely crafted wood is a sleek piece in the best modern tradition. The overall effect: clearly chic yet soothing.
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luxury modern bathroom  design

Luxury modern bathroom designs

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